The Technology

Best Available Technology
for Destruction of Medical Waste

Paragon Waste Solution’s CoronaLuxTM technology is a thermal destruction system in which solid, liquid, and gaseous waste is destroyed. The CoronaLuxTM process is comprised of three unit operations built on two skids. The primary pyrolytic chamber is where waste is converted to “smoke". In the secondary plasma chamber the "smoke" passes through an ion beam which accelerates the free radical oxidation reaction. In the last unit operation the vent provides additional residence time and exhausts to atmosphere.

  • The system was developed in the USA by Paragon Waste Solutions and has been reviewed by several regulatory agencies, and most recently permitted for use in Pompano Beach, Florida by the Florida Department of Health (FL DOH) and in Paramount, California by South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).
  • The Florida CoronaLuxTM systems were approved by the Florida DOH, the Broward Department of Environmental Protection, and the City of Pompano Beach.
  • Paragon's first California CoronaLuxTM system was just notified by SCAQMD that it is preparing a public notice to announce that a final and unrestricted permit will be issued to our partner MWS. All independent, third-party testing results have been accepted and were well below any district requirements and the CoronaLuxTM is becoming the new best available technology in the industry.


The primary pyrolitic chamber is the first unit operation which converts solid and liquid wastes into a gaseous smoke. The smoke is comprised of a stream of VOC’s, CO, CO2, carbon based particulates, droplets of oil, water vapour, and related materials.

The secondary plasma chamber receives the smoke generated in the pyrolytic chamber via a circulation fan. The smoke is treated with temperature and a plasma generated ion beam which accelerates the free radical oxidation process.

The free radicals generated from the plasma system provide the activation energy to drive the molecules into their highest oxidation state. They effectively destroy hydrocarbon molecules, convert CO to CO2 and oxidize any carbon particles to carbon dioxide.

The last unit operation in the CoronaLuxTM process is the vent. The vent provides increased residence time to allow the free radicals generated in the plasma chamber additional time to react. The exhaust gases from the vent are then exhausted through the chimney.